How To Submit A Bug Report

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How To Submit A Bug Report

Post by AtomSwitch » Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:30 pm

Guide: How To Submit A Bug Report

Please carefully read this guide on how to properly post a bug report in these forums. This will be a huge help in not only standardizing these posts, but ensuring we have all of the necessary information required to fully understand, reproduce, and inevitably, resolve the issue at hand.

What is a bug?

Before digging into the reporting process its self, it's important to identify what a bug is. For our purposes, a bug is any existing feature, display, object, or action that does not function as intended within the app. A display issue, a feature not working or a feature that results in a crash are good examples of bugs. Requesting a new feature, or requesting changes to an existing feature are not bugs, but rather New Feature Requests, which can be shared at the forum linked here: Feature Suggestions Board

Anatomy of A Bug Post

Post Subject
The Subjects of all posts should contain three elements.

1) The tag [BUG] at the beginning of the title.

2) A brief overview of the bug at hand. (Ex - "Crash Upon Map Load" or "Documents Tab Failing to Open")

3) The Platform (or platforms) the bug is occurring on. Platforms are either going to be Windows, OSX (MacOS), iOS, or Android.

Here's an example:
[BUG] Map Link Icons Not Showing Up Above Background - Android, Windows
Post Body

1) Full description of the Bug. Expanding on the short description from the title, give an overview of the problem, and the context it is occurring within.

2) Reproduction Steps. Here you list out (there is a "list" function at the top of the post window to facilitate this) each step taken to reproduce the bug. Please be as specific as possible. There will be an example at the end of this segment.

3) Full device name the bug occurred on, as well as operating system / OS version (eg - Home PC, Windows 10; HTC One M8, Android 5.0.1; etc)

4) Notes and/or additional comments.

Example Bug Post

Subject: [Bug] Crash When Importing Maps - Anroid

The app is crashing whenever I try to assign a new map using "Add From File." The app hangs for a few seconds and then crashes back to the home screen before loading the map scale prompt.

  1. Open InfinitasDM on Android
  2. Load an existing campaign file
  3. From the Atlas, choose a location with no map assigned to it
  4. Tap on the "add map" icon
  5. Choose "Add From File"
  6. Navigate to the desired map image on my device and select it
  7. Wait for a few seconds while the app does nothing
  8. The app crashes, sending me back to my device's home screen
Nexus 6, Android 6.0.1

Notes: My phone was running really hot while the crash occurred.

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