[Bug] Casting stops when in background on IOS

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[Bug] Casting stops when in background on IOS

Postby bknode » Sat May 06, 2017 1:53 pm

I have noticed that the chrome casting stops/ disconnects after a few minutes when the app goes into the background. I use other apps to manage the game and can't always keep InfinitasDM in the foreground. Is there a way to stop that? I am using an iPad with the latest version of iOS.

Also, not a bug but a feature question, is there a way to cast a picture from within the app to my display? I suppose I could create a "map" with the image and turn off the fog, but having a way to show players a picture from within a map would be fantastic.

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Re: [Bug] Casting stops when in background on IOS

Postby AtomSwitch » Mon May 08, 2017 1:39 pm

I'm not sure if an app can request any kind of permanence on background actions in iOS. Depending on your device age/hardware specs, iOS can be fairly aggressive about unloading app activity from memory when that app has been pushed the background. I'll look into the subject to see if there are any options though.

Currently, the only way to send a non-map image to the Player's View is as you've described - by adding it as a "map." I use this solution in the Adventurer's Kit content to show a detail shot of 4 statues in the campaign's final dungeon (I use a map link next to the statues on the dungeon map that goes to the detail shot, then have a map link back to the dungeon from that detail shot's "map").

Making a built-in feature for this has been requested a few times though. I'm not sure how I'd implement it that would be easy to access across different maps in a large campaign, but it's on the list of features for future consideration.
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Re: [Bug] Casting stops when in background on IOS

Postby ORIONOX » Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:50 pm

This is happening on Android for me too. If I minimize the app it disappears off the screen I'm casting to. It would be really help full for me as a DM if I could minimize the app on my end to look at a PDF or look something up without it messing with the flow of the game for everybody else. I know many other apps can stay casting even when my tablet is locked, so I know it's possible.
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