More text document options

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More text document options

Post by ORIONOX » Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:50 pm

A few things that I think would help immensely with organization.

- Search function: being able to search for a specific document would be immensely helpful in creating campaign that use a single NPC or event across multiple maps. Instead of having to manually search though all the map tabs for when I first used a NPC I could just search for it.

- Non-map specific document tabs: configurable document tabs that existed outside of the location tabs would be helpful in organizing things like NPC's, Monsters, or adventure logs.

- more exhaustive word processing: font size, Font color Bold, underline, hyperlinks( bonus points for in document hyperlinks), table creations, highlights, pretty much you're basic word document Staples would be amazing for organizing documents saved to a map. They should at least have the same abilities as a these forumns

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